Your Account

Your account

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Your account. This section contains what you need to know about managing your SmartSender account as the account owner. The account owner refers to the person whose email and contact information was originally used to sign up for SmartSender.

Logging in to the account

To perform the tasks in this section, you will have to log in to your SmartSender admin with your account owner credentials. To log in as the account owner:

  1. Navigate to your SmartSender login page
  2. Enter the login and password that you used to sign up for SmartSender
  3. Click Log in.

You are now logged in as the account owner.

The “Account” section consists of a number of manageable pages:

  • Profile. Here you can manage your:
    Contact email
    – Reset password button – use it if you want to change your password for whatever reason.
    Your ID – You authenticate to the SmartSender API by providing your API ID upon request.
    – Your Secret Key – Your secret key for SmartSender API which is used as an authorization password upon request. Warning: do not give your Secret Key to anybody! If you think that your key is compromised – click the Renew button under your key. Note: you have to change your old key with the new one in your platform/cms.
    Time Zone – choose the timezone for your project so the emails could be delivered according to it.
  • Subaccounts. Here you can create and manage your sub accounts
  • Teammates. You can generate access to your account for your teammates here
  • Security. You can add trusted IPs from which your account can be accessed
  • Billing. Here you can:
    – Manage your Current balance
    – Choose your Payment method
    – Upgrade your Account Status
    – Follow your Transactions History