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A webhook is an HTTP callback that allows a web application to POST a message to a URL when certain events take place. Often called “Reverse APIs,” Webhooks can be used to receive data in real time, pass it on to another application, or process the data faster than traditional APIs.

The Webhook notifies the URL via HTTP POST about events that take place with your email in the SmartSender platform. The Webhook then captures email-specific data related to unsubscribes, spam reports, bounced emails, and response data, and reports them in the manner in which you specify.

To create a webhook you should:

  1. Navigate to Webhook management page (Menu -> Settings -> Webhooks)
  2. Press “Create Webhook” button
  3. Select the Project domain
  4. Select one or several events
  5. Type in the URL, to which a message should be posted
  6. Type a “Title”
  7. Press “Save”

The list of earlier created webhooks will be seen on the Webhooks page.