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SmartSender employs powerful marketing automation tools with over 1 thousand real time trigger scenarios.

A trigger is the action that starts an automation. For example, SmartSender can trigger an automated email when someone subscribes to your list or do not react to a specific message sent before. SmartSender offers a wide selection of built-in triggers, ranging from message delivery status to a contact data update.

You can create a brand new, custom automation with your own triggers based on data you pass to your contact list.

Everything is built around the following three simple Actions:
1. Configuring your event – “what event should happen to activate the Trigger”
2. Configuring your action – “what action should be done upon Trigger activation”
3. Save and activate your Trigger

The rest are different configurations of these steps.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to Trigger Management page (Menu -> Automation -> Triggers)
  2. Click “Create New Trigger” button
  3. Type in a name of the trigger
  4. Describe your trigger and its purpose
  5. Select Event Type
  6. Select Event Source and Specific Template/Campaign/Drip Campaign/Tag
  7. Select Event
  8. Select Action
  9. Select Action Specifications
  10. Click Save and Activate Trigger button

* See detailed description of Trigger Configurations