SMS Template

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Dynamic SMS Templates allow you to save text messages for future use. When you want to use them, simply select one and we’ll load it right into the SMS Campaign Builder.

  1. Navigate to SMS Template management page (Menu -> Content -> SMS Templates)
  2. Click “Add SMS Template” button
  3. Name your Template
  4. Type in SMS message text
  5. Click “Save” button


  • IMPORTANT: Each SMS includes 160 latin symbols and less in other alphabets (e.g. 80 in cyrilic). When exceeded, message is sent in parts.  (For example, if you use 320 characters, your campaign will be sent as 2 SMS messages.) Price is set per part. So pay attention to it planning your budget.
  • IMPORTANT:  Do not send commercial SMS at night (8PM-8AM).
  • IMPORTANT: To comply with applicable U.S. laws, always include this phrase in your first SMS message to contacts in the U.S.:
    • [Your Company Name] Alerts. [#] msg/mo. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.  Msg&Data rates may apply. Replace [Your Company Name] with your company name and replace [#] with the number of SMS messages you expect to send to your contacts each month.