SMS Campaign

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Send bulk SMS messages directly to your users with our SMS Campaign builder in few simple steps.

  1. Navigate to SMS campaigns page (Menu -> Outbound -> SMS Campaigns)
  2. Click “Create new SMS Campaign” button
  3. Name your SMS campaign
  4. Select Email list. Learn more about Email lists
  5. Select Segment. Learn more about Audience Segmentation
  6. Select Launch Type. You can schedule bulk SMS campaigns either for immediate run or for future date/time.
  7. Type in From Name
  8. Select SMS Template. Learn more about Dynamic SMS Templates.
  9. Click “Save and preview” button
  10. After verifying that all settings are correct on the preview page, click “Send/Plan SMS campaign” button.


  • IMPORTANT: Phone number should be already populated in your Email List under “phoneNumber” variable in┬ávalid E.164 phone number format
  • IMPORTANT: To send SMS campaign you will need a verified credit card linked to your account and a positive balance.