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Sending Domain Setup

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Due to sudden policy changes by free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL Mail that can limit the delivery of your campaigns, we require you to provide a “From” email address, associated with a domain you own.

If you don’t currently have your own email domain or access to your organization’s domain, we encourage you to register one. When you use your own domain in your campaign’s From email address, your email looks more professional, and you’ll get better delivery rates. Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to properly set up your domain.

Add you domain to SmartSender admin panel

  1. Navigate to Domain Management page
  2. Type in your domain to the form
  3. Click “Add” button

Setup domain name DNS

  1. Click on a domain to get to the settings page
  2. Add all provided records to your domain DNS
  3. Click “Check DNS Settings” button

* INFO: If you do not want to delegate sub-domain by adding CNAME record, pick Manual settings. For root domains only Manual settings are available.

IMPORTANT: If you use CloudFlare or similar service, turn off CloudFlare proxy.

You are ready to go!