Getting Started

Select Your Plan

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You can select or change your Plan from your Billing Management page.

Select your Plan

Select the Plan that suits your business needs, based on your monthly email volume, number of contacts, required technical support.

Each Plan includes:

  • A package of Email credits which can be used during the selected period
  • Support package (email, chat, customer success manager and technical support engineers)
  • You also can enable additional services as Addons (i.e. dedicated IP address, white label, etc.)

You can select monthly plan or pay yearly to get a discount.

IMPORTANT: If you send more Emails than included in the Plan, then at the end of the month their cost will be included in the next month Bill.

To activate your Plan:

  1. Navigate to Billing Dashboard (Menu -> Account -> Billing)
  2. Find “Current plan” section and click “Change plan” button
  3. Choose your preferred plan
  4. Click  “Change plan” button and confirm the selection to activate it
  5. Your plan is changed.
    • IMPORTANT: If you change the Plan, it will go on force starting from the next payment month. Until the end of the active Plan period the old Plan will be applied.