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SmartSender automation tools and features help you reach the right users with the right content at the exactly time, so you could eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on other parts of your business. No matter what type of business you operate, it’s easy to set up the perfect automation for any situation.

Automation types

You can automate your email marketing projects using:

Introduction to scenarios

Unlike one-off campaigns, scenarios are triggered when specific user meet the predefined criteria you set.

Once you’ve created a scenario, added your content, and set your sending criteria, SmartSender will manage your subscriber queue and email sends. When your subscriber receives the first message in a scenario, he/she will keep receiving all the emails in the scenario in sequence, unless the recipient is removed from the scenario.

When should your emails be sent?

You can decide the time-frame and days of the week you want your automated emails to be sent. Immediately after the initial triggering action? The next day? The next week? It’s your call.

For automations containing multiple emails, you’ll also decide on the order of the emails and how much time should pass between each new message to be sent.

Scenario start triggers:

  • User joined a Contact List
  • User joined a specific segment in the Contact List
  • User subscribed to the Contact List

Scenario turn off triggers:

  • User removed from the Contact List
  • User removed from specific segment in the Contact List
  • User unsubscribed from the Contact List

Scenario Reports:

Scenario reports show complete automation statistics in addition to individual email statistics. We automatically tag your scenarios so you could easily filter and review them on our report page. Review your performance chart to explore your scenario’s open rate, click rate, total number of emails sent and other data.


When we talk about scenarios, we use some terminology that’s a little different from how we talk about other tools and tasks in SmartSender. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the terminology before you get started.

  • Scenario- An email or series of emails sent to a contact based on a specific trigger.
  • Workflow – The settings, schedule, and content for distributing a series of automated emails.
  • Delay – The period of time between two emails in a scenario.
  • Trigger or Event – The catalyst that starts an automation email or series. For example, someone subscribes to your list or purchases a particular product.

Scenario statuses:

  • Active –  Your scenario is sending email.
  • Inactive – Your scenario hasn’t started and in draft mod.
  • Paused – All of the emails in your scenario are paused.

Learn how to add a new scenario