Email Log

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You can sift through the delivery logs for your domains and evaluate message delivery using SmartSender’s Email Log. These reports help you track down the the delivery of an email, investigate the status of a message after it has been delivered (opened, clicked, complained), see the content of the message, as well as resend it.

To open Overview Report:

  1. Navigate to “Email Log” page in “Analytics” section (Menu -> Analytics -> Email Log)
  2. Filter necessary data by Tags, Domains, Date period options
  3. Click “Create Export Task (.csv)” Button

Report filters

Filter Description
Tags You tag messages using different features in SmartSender platform (for example: templates, auditory segments, etc.) to get hourly/daily/monthly aggregated reports for all messages with such tag.
Domains Domain name used in “From” email address of your messages. If you have several domains in one account, you can filter report for only one specific domain.
Date period Select specific period of time to generate Report only with data from that dates.

Overview Statistics

Data Description and format requirements.
Status Here you can see whether the message, sent to the email contact, was delivered or bounced.
Date The date and time, when the message was delivered to the email contact
From The email address, from which the message was sent to the email contact, also known as sender address. This address is initially set, while creating the campaign
To The Email address, to which the message was sent to
Subject The “subject” area of an email is a short description of the message. Writing a good email subject means keeping it concise but to the point so as to summarize what the email is about. … The best email subject lines are usually short, descriptive and provide the recipient with a reason to open your email.
Content It is the template of the campaign, sent to the recipient. By clicking “Show Content” button, you will be able to view the template.
Opens Open tracking tells you if your contacts open the emails you send. Here you can see how many contacts opened your email on certain date, and how many total opens you received. Open tracking can help measure subscriber engagement.
Clicks Click tracking allows you to see if contacts have clicked links in your campaign. Here you can see which contacts clicked your links, and how many times each link was clicked. Like open tracking, it can help measure subscriber engagement.
Complaints SmartSender tracks abuse reports, also known as spam reports or complaints. Number of recipients that reported your email as spam. Subscribers that report a campaign as spam are automatically placed in your account’s Blacklist.
Tags Tags are labels you create to bring your own reporting structure into SmartSender and get aggregated reports based on criteria only you know. Tags are highly customizable, so you can create and assign them as you see it.
Resend If one or more of the message recipients tell you that they didn’t receive a message that you sent, or you believe they missed an important message from you,  you can use the Resend button. Using the resend tool makes the new message appear the same as the original sent message.

The type of the event

Status Description
delivered The message was delivered
hard The ISP server returned hard-bounce for this message.

We will block sending to this email address 

soft The ISP server returned soft-bounce for this message. 

We will try to deliver the message again.

reject The email address is in black list