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Contact List Segmentation

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Create an auto-updating segment based on specific criteria. Give us the conditions, save the segment, and we’ll update it anytime you’re ready to send.

Segmentation makes it easy to send people content they care about. Subscribers can be included in specific segments based on various behavioral triggers, and you can use this segments to send automatic email scenarios or promo campaigns when you’re ready to send.

Segments are based on user data you provide to SmartSender via API, add manually or by file import. In addition to data provided by customer, SmartSender collect behavioral user data which also can be used for segmentation.

You can segment your contact list according to your subscribers’ geographic, demographic data, age, sex, behavior, actions taken on your website, etc., using numerous available variables or using your own ones.

Create new segment

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Configure your segment.

  • Type in the name of the Segment
  • Select from drop-down menu if you want all the rules to be matched or only one
  • Select Email List to be segmented

Step 2: Add filters

  • Configure segmentation rules using available options from drop-down menu.
  • When you create a segment, you choose an “operator,” which is usually the second choice and is something like “equal” or “is not equal.”
  • Different conditions display different operators for different types of variables. See the Operator Glossary for more details.

Step 3: Save auditory segment. Click “Save” button

There’s a range of options you can use to segment your list. Send a targeted event invitation to subscribers interested in specific event type. Email only your most engaged subscribers about special offers. You can even alert subscribers who have purchased items from your store about new products or updates.