Contact List Management

Email List Management

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Your Email List is designed to help you collect and manage all of your contacts in one place, whether they’re subscribed or unsubscribed.

People on your Email List are known as contacts. Each contact has one email address, which is organized based on how they interact with your marketing. Organize your contacts however you need to.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process:

  • A subscribed contact, or subscriber, is someone who has opted in to receive your email marketing. Subscribers can be imported directly to your list, or they can be added via API. They’ll have a Subscribed badge in the contact column of your Email List.
  • You can add as many custom variables to each contact as you need, without any limitations.
  • Once you’ve organized your customer data, you can start using SmartSenders’s personalization and automation tools to make campaigns feel like a 1-on-1 conversation—sending the right message at the right moment, and always making the right product recommendations.
  • With all your contact data in one place, it’s easy to use SmartSender’s segmentation tools to find exactly who you need to talk to.

Manage contacts

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to Email List Management page (Menu -> Contacts -> Lists).
  2. Select Email List
  3. Add variable, Subscribe/Unsubscribe contact, Export Email List, Add New contacts, Update contact data



Data Description and format requirements.
name The optional display name to use for the recipient.
email The new email address of the recipient. You must include an email address column in your import file, and only one email for each contact. Review this column for anything that might cause syntax errors, like missing information, unsupported characters, and extra spaces before or after an address.
subscribe Used to specify if user is subscribed or unsubscribed from list. Use value “1” to subscribe user and value “0” to unsubscribe.
externalId The user id from customer’s platform to be able manipulate lists based on it. Used as an alliance for email address.
phoneNumber Addressee phone number. Should be valid E.164 phone number.
createdAt This variable is reserved by system to store the date when contact was first added to Email List.
customStringVariable For Variable use only Latin in lowerCamelCase format, no numbers or other symbols allowed. For value no specific format required
customDateVariable For Variable use only Latin in lowerCamelCase format, no numbers or other symbols allowed. For value the ISO Standard year-month-date format (YYYY-MM-DD) is required.