Email Drip Campaign

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Drip Campaigns are used when you want to send a series of emails at specified intervals of time (days, hours, minutes) apart from each other. For instance, if you want to send your customers or leads an email every day for an entire week, and each email is related to a specific topic, you will want to use a Drip Campaign.

Drip Campaigns are activated by Triggers. Learn about Triggers by following the links below:


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to Email Drip Campaign Management page (Menu -> Automation -> Drip campaigns)
  2. Click “Create new Drip Campaign” button
  3. Type in name of the Drip Campaign
  4. Select if you want to allow customers to receive this Drip Campaign multiple times. If selector is not checked, the contact will receive this Drip Campaign only one time. Please, keep in mind: if a contact is removed from the contact list and added again, then it will be considered as a new contact and will receive the Drip Campaign again upon trigger.
  5. Set up the first message of the Drip Campaign which will be sent after Trigger was activated.
  6. Template: Select a template from the provided list, which will be sent after trigger activation. Learn more about templates.
  7. Delay period after trigger activation: Set up delay period after trigger activation before the first email will be sent to a contact. Delay for the second and all further messages in the Drip Campaign will be calculated after the previous message.
  8. Period: Select Days/Hours/Minutes as delay period.
  9. Specific time: If you selected delay period in Days, then you can pick a specific time when the message should be sent.