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Custom Account Variables

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“Custom Variables” feature provides a way to set account variables which will be available globally for all contacts without overloading Email Lists with one-type data. Paste a customer variable the same way as variables from Email Lists in your email template to build personalized or dynamic content.

    1. Navigate to Custom Account Variable management page (Menu -> Content -> Variables)
    2. Click “Add Custom Variable” button
    3. Type in your Custom Variable in “lowerCamelCase” format
    4. Set value for your Custom Variable (no specific format required)
    5. Click “Save” button
    6. Use your new Custom Variable in the following format in email templates: {{customVariable}}


  • All variables should be in “lowerCamelCase” format. Only Latin letters allowed. No underlines, special symbols, etc.
  • lowerCamelCase (part of CamelCase) is a naming convention in which a name is formed of multiple words that are joined together as a single word with the first letter of each of the multiple words (except the first one) capitalized within the new word that forms the name.

Priorities is a case of conflicting variables:

  • First Priority: Variable from API request;
  • Second Priority: Variable from the Account Custom Variables;
  • Third Priority: Variable from the selected Email List.

You can manage your custom variables via API