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A critical step to getting started with SmartSender is setting up your Email List. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or bring an existing audience into SmartSender, your list is where you’ll store and manage all your contact data.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create and organize your list.

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • SmartSender was intended to be used with a single list, so you shouldn’t need to create more than one.
  • If you absolutely need to maintain separate lists, you can repeat this process to create them. Lists are independent of one another, so contact and list data will be siloed on a per-list basis. Contacts that appear on multiple lists will also count multiple times in your overall subscriber count, which could increase your Monthly Plan.
  • If you’re using SmartSender’s bulk email service, make sure you’re familiar with our anti-spam practices and list requirements before you begin this process.

Create Email List

Step-by-step instructions:

    1. Select Email List domain from the drop down menu if there are several domains in the account.
    2. Navigate to Email List Management page (Menu -> Contacts -> Lists).
    3. Click “Add List” button
    4. Type in Email List default data to be used in messages
    5. Set “Advanced Settings” of the Email List in case of need.
    6. Click “Save” button

Email List default data

List details Description
Default data
Title Name of your list.
Default from email
Your clients will receive emails from this address.
Default from name
Your clients will receive emails from this Sender.
Text that will be in footer of each email for this list.
Offical name of your company including incorporation type. Also needed for the footer information.
Address line1
Physical address of your company for direct mailing
Address line2
Use this if filed above is not enough
Zip code
Where your office or company is registered
Where your office or company is registered
Where your office or company is registered
Advanced settings
Mapped variables
Variables from Email List to be included in Email Log export
Reply-To Email
OPTIONAL: Address where replies of your customers will go
Reply-To Name
OPTIONAL: To Name of replies of your customers
SMS From Name
Default name of From Name for your SMS. Will be used in SMS from Automations, etc.

After you create your Email List, you’ll be able to import subscribers or start collecting new contacts.