ClickMap Visualization

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With all emails sent with SmartSender you can now see ClickMap visualization of where your users are interacting.

Knowing where users are clicking on your emails is extremely valuable. Do they prefer to click on links in the top, middle, or bottom? How many links are they clicking? Answers to these questions can be found on ClickMap page.

Before You Start

  • Click tracking is enabled in all SmartSender campaigns by default.
  • Improper link formatting and other issues can cause problems with click tracking.

ClickMap Visualization consists of two parts:

  1. Template Preview – email template along with graphic elements indicating the location of each link and its index number;
  2. Click Stat – data table with statistics for each link according to their index number.

The ClickMap shows you a visual representation of how each link performed in your campaign.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Navigate to Template management page (Menu -> Content -> Templates)
    “Click Stat” table description:
  2. Select ClickMap option from “Action” drop-down menu

“Click Stat” table description

Component Description
Link # Index number of the link in Clickmap visualization. Keep in mind that links without clicks will not appear in visualization, but they get their index number.
Unique clicks Number of unique clicks on specific link in the template. This count may include multiple unique link clicks from individual recipients.
Total clicks Total number of times any tracked link was clicked. This count includes multiple clicks from individual recipients.
Click Share Unique click percentage from total unique clicks in the campaign.