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SmartSender is a marketing automation platform that helps you send batch newsletters and promo emails to your audience. We call these messages “Email Campaigns”.

Things to Know before you can create a campaign in SmartSender:

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Navigate to Campaign Management page (Menu -> Outbound -> Email Campaigns)
  • Click “Add New Campaign” button
  • Type in title of the Campaign. We recommend to give your companies easy and clear names to avoid further difficulties with finding the report.
  • Select Email Template to use during the campaign
  • Select Email List to target
  • Select Segment to target (optional)
  • Configure Campaign send time:
    • Manual – After saving the campaign there appears a button On\Off to start sending emails whenever you want.
    • Now – Start sending emails immediately.
    • Schedule – You can schedule the start of your campaign for specific date and time.
      • IMPORTANT: Please, keep in mind, that scheduled campaign will be activated according to your account Time Zone
  • Check and update username of the From Email (optional). Your client will receive the email from the provided address.
  • Check and update From Name of the sender (optional). Sender’s name. Can be the name of your company.
  • Set Reply-to Email address (optional)
    Set Reply-to addressee Name (optional)
  • Click “Save and Preview” button
  • After making sure that everything is Okay, click “Send campaign” button

To see the report of any campaign you  just need to click the button “Report” in the “ANALYTICS” drop-down menu. The report shows the performance of your campaign and its key metrics.