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A Blacklist is a list of IP addresses that have been detected sending unsolicited and unwanted emails. Inbox service providers (like Gmail,, Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL) and enterprises use blacklists to identify and filter illegitimate mail streams. in addition to sending IPs, blacklisting can also occur for specific sending domains.

Almost all the ISPs use blacklisting service to protect their customers from malicious emails, although the deliverability impact can vary depending on the blacklisting service that lists the IP.

If your IP address occurs on the blacklist of one the many legitimate services, then submit a delisting request.

SmartSender keeps a close eye on our IP’s. We try to resolve any issues with blacklists as quickly as possible. However, getting your IP off the blacklist often requires the user sending the mail to contact the ISP.

To manage your blacklisted contacts you should:

  1. Navigate to “Blacklist” page in”Settings” section
  2. Select the contacts you want to remove from the list and press “Remove selected” button
  3. Search for certain contacts which you want to be removed  and then press “Remove selected” button.

The contacts in the Blacklist are sorted by:

  • Created at – timestamp of the moment when the contact was blocked
  • Mail – email of blacklisted contact
  • Reject type – the reason why a contact is in the blacklist:
    • Hard – hard bounce;
    • Complaint – your client pressed the spam button.
    • List-unsubscribe – your client unsubscribed from your emails
  • Raw log – is a raw information that we receive from target ESP. Usually you can see the reason, why ESP bounced your contact.

To add a suppression list you should:

  1. Press the “Add suppression list” button in the right upper corner of your Blacklist page.
  2. Import the file with contacts. You can find an example here.  The file should be in CSV format with comma separated data.
  3. Copy/Paste the emails manually (separated by a new line)